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Explsoive Tackle Company is a proud carrier of El Grande Lures. These large soft plastic baits have proven to be a great addition to the Explosive Tackle Company family of lures. Below you find the lures that Explosive Tackle Company carries. On our links page, you can find the complete line of lures that El Grande Lures has to offer. If you see something there that you would like us to carry, please let us know!  


El Grande Sapo

 The El Grande Sapo is 4" soft plastic buzz toad. The Sapo has outward turned feet which create a wonderful gurgle and bubble trail on retrieve. The Sapo also has an added hook slot for weedless presentation. We have had success with this Sapo in the expected topwater presentation. We have also found that it is a great jig trailer or fished on a Texas Rig. We recommend a 4/0 or 5/0 wide gapped hook for most techniques. Sold 5 per pack.

Item #:100-101- 

Color Selection: Bull Frog (010), Toad (020), Black & Yellow (030)


      (010)                     (020)                         (030)



Price Per Pack: $3.99 

El Grande Hatch-Match Stick

 The Hatch-Match Stick is an 5.25" soft plastic stick bait with a cigar profile. The Hatch-Match stick has added a scale pattern for a more lifelike presentation. Although a soft plastic, the Hatch-Match is durable. The Hatch-Match Stick is our first lure offered in Triple Lamination, which is where the Hatch-Match name derives. Most food sources for our target, the large and smallmouth bass, have three primary colors. We have developed a soft plastic that now has these three primary colors and without a doubt, more closely matches forage fish than any other soft plastic stick on the market. As testimony to this approach, one only has to look at the most popular crankbaits and swimbaits. Almost all have three primary colors. Now, the fisherman can boost their arsenal with realistic color versions for their bodies of water. We started handpouring triple laminates on a full round mold several years ago and could not keep up with demand. We have found the means to produce these and offer them at affordable levels and still meet demand. There is no wrong way to fish a Hatch-Match Stick. You can Texas Rig, Wacky Rig, Carolina Rig, Flick Shake, and several other techniques. They are sold 7 per pack.

Item Number: 100-102-



 (01)   (02)      (03)  (04)     (05)     (06)        (07)   (08)          (09)   (10)     (11)   (12)

Colors: Watermelon Red (01); Junebug (02); Green Pumpkin (03); Mississippi Mud (04);  Mardi Gras (05); Baby Bass (06); Bluegill (07); Catalpa (08); Threadfin Shad (09); Perch (10); Bonita Shad (11); Tilapia (12)


Colors (cont)

 Price per bag: $4.49 

El Grande Tube

 The El Grande Tube is a 4" soft plastic tube and manufactured with the head being solid for the first 1/4" for durability. The El Grande Tube can be fished in a variety of your favorite techniques, including; pitching, flipping, Texas Rigging, and weightless. The tube is offered in several El Grande specific colors that are very unique and have proven to be great producers. We recommend a 4/0 or 5/0 hook for most techniques. One of the El Grande pro anglers has had much success wacky rigging these tubes on flick shake jigs. Sold 8 per pack.

Item Number: 100-103-



 (899)     (900)     (901)       (902)        (903)    (904)        (905)        (906)     (907)


Colors: Green Pumpkin (899), Shad (900), Redbreast (901), Bluegill (902), Mudcat (903), Bumblebee (904), Grn Pumpkin/Chart (905), Baby Bass (906), Black W/Blue Flake (907)



 Price Per Bag: $3.99

Gila Monster

The Gila Monster is an 8.75" soft plastic lizard. The Gila Monster was designed for a myriad of fishing techniques such as flipping, pitching, Texas Rigging, and Carolina Rigging. The Gila Monster tends to float straight up when Texas Rigged and is a deadly presentation on bedding bass. We have found that strikes are vicious on this lure and can only assume that bass are trying to kill this lizard. We recommend at the minimum  a 5/0 Wide gapped hook and have used up to 7/0 hooks with success. 6 per pack.

Item Number: 100-104-



 (919) (920)   (921)       (922)        (923)  (924)   (925)      (926)         (927)

Colors: Watermelon Red (919), Amistad Bruise (920), Bama Brusie (921), El Salto Brusie (922), Falcon Brusie (923), Gator Brusie (924), Komodo (925), Toledo Bend Bruse (926), Green Pumpkin (927)


Price Per Bag: $5.99  

JR Gila Monster

The newly release Junior Gila Monster is a 5" version of the parent 8.75" Gila Monster. The 5" Junior Gila Monster is perfect size for many techniques, including drop shotting, shakey head, Texas Rigging, and Carolina Rigging. The Junior Gila is not salt impregnated which will allow it to float when paired with a light wire hook. The Junior Gila is offered in the below colors:


Item Number: 100-105- 

Junebug; Grn Pump; Watermelon/Red Flake; Blk/Blue Flake; Grn Pump/Grnpurple Flake




Price Per Bag: $4.49 (10 per pack)